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Acne on the face, test a mask

Acne on the face At the end of summer, our skin has changed colours, and it feels good…but acne problems and pimples on the face come back in full force. The team at Evalulab is proposing a new study where you will receive a mask that is cleansing and purifying, which might help to keep your skin smooth and clear. Do you want to use a clay mask that is cleansing and purifying? This anti-acne mask is made of natural clay.  It is designed to deep clean and purify the skin on your face which is affected with pimples....

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Evaluating The Performance of Sunscreen Products (Preselection)

We are searching for: Healthy women or men, Between the age of 18 and 55, Who have very very light , light or moderate light skin tone especially on the back, Who have no sun reaction (allergy to the sun), Who do not have a large tattoo on the back area. If you fit this description, you would certainly be qualified for the next studies on sunscreen products. To evaluate the performance of the sunscreen products, we apply them on your back which will be exposed to a light source similar to the sun, and then, we measure if the...

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SPONSORSHIP OFFER – Help us to find new participants

📢🌞Sponsorship Offer to Test Sunscreen Products📢🌞 We give $50 for sponsoring 4 people (men or women) who are eligible and wish to take part in a sunscreen products’ test, $25 for 2 people who are eligible and wish to take part in a sunscreen products’ test, $10 for 1 person who is eligible and wishes to take part in a sunscreen products’ test. ☎️ Contact us at 514-343-0001 to book an appointment and provide us the name of the person who sponsored you during the appointment. And Surprise! 🎁 This offer is cumulative… 8 sponsorships $100, 12 sponsorship $150....

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