How To Become a Participant for Compensated Cosmetic Testing ?

Make easy money by participating in cosmetic or skin care product testing!

Be a participant for compensated cosmetic testing, it is an easy and nice way to make a little bit of money on the side.

“But there are risks, right?”

Let us reassure you that by participating to our clinical trials for skin products is not riskier nor complicated than a product that you just bought on the shelves at the pharmacy: hydrating cream, makeup, lipstick, BB cream…

The products that you are about to test from our sponsors, are at their last step of the experimental development. These beauty products already went successfully through all the steps of development.

The studies are done by many professionals and experts in the field to have a better understanding on the safety and potential of a given product. Our sponsors spent a lot of time to implement a product that is perfectly adapted to solve a common issue.

For example, a super hydrating and comfortable cream can be used in winter by people with dry and sensitive skin.

There are two good reasons why you should be a participant in compensated cosmetic trials:

  • Do you like cosmetic products, beauty products and skin care products?
  • Are you searching a way to earn a bit of money?

Become a participant in cosmetic trial!

What will you get? Free products and a variable financial compensation depending on the clinical trials.

To be paid while getting a free product and to give your opinion on a variety of parameters: It is very gratifying!

To be paid to test a product that I usually use at home: how does this work?

tests de produits cosmétiquesEvalulab conducts consumer tests or clinical trials on everyday products such as personal care products, beauty products, makeup and cosmetic products. These trials allow to confirm the consumer’s expectations, and also to quantify the performance of a product before its commercialization.

The selection criteria for a test or clinical study are different. Gender (man or woman), age, body skin conditions and facial skin conditions (dry, normal, oily, sensitive, damaged, wrinkly …) are a few examples of criteria.

Therefore, once your participation is confirmed by the investigator, as a panelist, you will receive the tested sample, the instructions for use and the explanations given by the sponsor in order to complete the test.

After a certain period of time (1 week, 1 month, 3 months), you return to the laboratory to complete a self-evaluation questionnaire.

Each test is always compensated. You receive the financial compensation on the last day.

Our laboratory that is well established in the industry and known in Health Canada just received the ISO 9001 quality certificate. Evalulab respects and follows the quality and ethical rules.

The development of a test or clinical study is done in the laboratory, at the participant’s home (beauty products subjects) or during a consumer appointment.

Evalulab led a great number of studies for skin products such as facial skin care (makeup remover, face moisturizer, hydrating cream, anti-wrinkle or anti-age cream …), beauty products, cosmetic products or makeup (BB cream, lipstick, foundation, nail polish …), body care products (deodorants, epilation, anti-stretch mark products …) or even anti-acne gels, anti-redness (rosacea …) or products adapted to sensitive skin.

essais cliniques

Compensated Clinical Trials in Montreal

Our compensated clinical trials in Montreal are done in our office (see address at the bottom of the page).

Below, you will find the conditions required to become a participant in compensated cosmetic tests:

  • Are you a woman or man of at least 18 years of age?
  • Do you like to try skin care products or makeup?
  • Do you want to earn money by simply give your opinion?

Help us improve the new products on the market by testing their tolerance and efficacy!


  • You must like applying products and have a certain routine
  • You must follow carefully all the steps of the study
  • You must be able to travel to the laboratory to participate in the study.


  • The appointments do not last for a long time (within an hour)
  • Cosmetic products that we test are safe. We do not test drugs with suspicious side effects
  • Our compensated clinical trials can meet your everyday challenges such as skin problems (dry), sensitive, oily…), baldness, cold sore…
  • Cosmetic products are often innovative products (you will be the first to try them)
  • Tested products are generally expensive products from famous brands, and they will be given to you at the end of the study.

Become a Participant at Evalulab!

Essai clinique remunereAt Evalulab, a special attention is given to our subjects. We execute our clinical studies in a professional manner while respecting the privacy, confidentiality, ethical principle and well-being of our participants.

It is an interesting way to spend your free time in a safe and easy way. You will have the opportunity to test a large number of consumer products such as skin care products, hair care products, cosmetic products, dietary supplements …

Thanks to your participation, you contribute in innovative products development which trust-based marketing can rely on.

Therefore, if you want to become a participant in cosmetic testing, you only have to complete the form below.

First Step

Contact us by phone at (514) 343-0001 or Complete the form below :

Fill out my online form.

Second Step

Take an appointment to register as a participant. During your first consultation that usually lasts within 30 minutes, we perform a skin exam. You must show up without cream or makeup on your face and legs to determine your type of skin. We will show you the different studies that will correspond to your profile.

Third Step

You will receive a call to let you know when the study starts. Complete the study and leave with a financial compensation.